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Birthday Parties and Friends

Tonight we had a belated birthday BBQ for a good friend.  While the party is always a lot of work, it great to get together with friends and celebrate, and so a birthday is as good a reason as any.

It was good to have the party to have friends over, but it was also a good boost to the guest of honour.  You see, this guy has had a rough time of it in life.  He’s a good kid (well, if you can call 30 a “kid”) but has had a rough life, being abandoned by his mother and passed from pillar to post.  He’s the kind of kid that can infuriate you one moment and the next second turn around and take the shirt off his back and give it to you if he thought you needed it.  He’s got a heart of gold and it was good to see him beam as people came through the door and give him silly birthday cards.

Tonight we were able to meet a couple of folks from his past – a dear Aunt that has been there for him throughout his life, and his first social worker through his life of foster care.  Hearing some of the stories was good for a laugh, but also enlightening, and it makes you want to love him more (of course, please don’t tell him I said so.  He already thinks he’s one of my kids!!)

Earlier in the day, while driving the car around picking up stuff for the party, I was listening to one of my favourite songs “The Power of Your Name” (by Lincoln Brewster and Mia Fieldes) and this line hit me (again) right where it hurts “‎”Surely life wasn’t made to regret and the lost were not made to forget. Surely faith without action is dead. Let Your Kingdom come”.  I choked up as I was trying to sing along (we did this in church just over a year ago (listen here)) and after tonight, I know exactly why.

God Bless, til next time!


  1. Anonymous

    Since you didn’t use names, I won’t 😉

    Thank you for hosting, and thank you for being a great friend. While I wish I was your son, it’s because, Murray, you have the typical “sitcom” family … well, not quite “Full House” or “The Jeffersons” … maybe more like “Roseanne”. And I see how you interact with your kids, and how they interact with you, and eachother, and the outside world, and I think “I wonder what that would have been like.”

    For the past 4 years, you’ve been a blessing to me – Christmas, Birthdays, Random Rock Band Parties – and I thank God that I was brought to GSCC and met you. I do belive that was absolutely HIS will and HIS want, and I think you agree with me, that life wouldn’t be as interesting if I wasn’t around. 😉

    Thanks “Pops” (and Ma, and my “siblings”) for all that you’ve done for me, and I hope that I’ll be able to repay you in some form before the end of time.

    Your Wishes-He-was-Adopted-Son,

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