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Great Christian Resourses — And FREE!!!

On the weekend I ran into an interesting website…. eChristianResources.  In the words of the author on his “About” page…

We exist to spread the word about FREE, quality, legal, electronic Christian resources that are available for download on the internet. Our mission is to aid people in their day-to-day walk with Jesus and to lead others to the Savior through the truths conveyed in these resources. We pray that the Lord will use the resources we share in the lives of our readers to glorify Him by exalting Christ.

Already through this site, I’ve gotten access to a bunch of free Beth Moore books and a free book from Dr. David Jeremiah and a commentary on John from R.C.Sproul.  And that’s just in two days!!!

I can’t wait to see what other stuff comes up, and there’s lots to review on the site already.



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