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Unsettled?…. Where to start?

Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s just a restlessness that comes every Spring.  Maybe it’s a minor mid-life crisis (although I think I’m beyond “mid-life” now, aren’t I?).  Maybe it’s the job.  Whatever it is, it’s an unsettledness that’s haunting me these days.

ChangePart of me wants to move (we’ve been here coming up 15 years now).  Part of me is scared to death of the effort.  ALL of me knows we need to do a massive purge.  And a huge part of me would rather write about the need for a purge, than actually DO it.  [Why do you think I’m writing this now, instead of purging?  🙂 ]

Part of me knows that the kids are growing up, and will “soon” move out (1 married and gone; 2 in the final years of school; and 1 about to finish High School and enter University!).  Part of me hates that things will change.  Part of me looks forward to what that change will bring.

Part of me is ready to retire.  Part of me never wants to grow up!  (Why start now!) Part of me dreads getting old!!!

Part of me is ready for a change.  Part of me is ready to stabilize.

Most of me should be getting back to work on that purge…. just in case the right change comes along.



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